Bariadi District Council
Bariadi, Shinyanga

We installed a Solar water pump system installation at Nyaumata Village in Shyinyanga Region.

The system uses 46 modules with each module producing 255 watts making it a total of 12kWp. The pump used was big which was around 6 meters cubic per hour. 6,000 liters/hour pump with 12kWp Solar PV system.

The district council decided to use wells as a source of water for their people. They come to the conclusion that it was not viable to use grid electricity because of the monthly power charges. So they opted for solar power systems and that’s where PhotonsEnergy Ltd joined.

The System Description

  • Pump system: PSk2-9 C-SJ8-44
  • Total dynamic head (TDH): 175 m
  • Flow rate: 50 m3/day
  • Solar generator: 11.7 kWp
  • Pump-type: Lorentz.

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