Bariadi District Council
Bariadi, Shinyanga

Installation of 21kWP Solar water pumping System providing water to approximately 400 residents.

The project provides water directly to the community. The project was initiated after the district council faced the challenge of paying their electricity bills, so they think of using a diesel generator but it seems like the cost is the same as that of grid electricity.

In the end, they decided to invest in the solar-powered system. The system was projected to increase the supply of water by about 7 percent in Bariadi District.

The System Description

  • Pump system: PSk2-25 C-SJ30-22
  • Total dynamic head (TDH): 155 m
  • Flow rate: 145 m3/day
  • Solar generator: 28.1 kWp
  • Horizontal Distance: 6Km
  • Pump-type: Lorentz.

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