Photons Energy Ltd: Solar Power System Installation at Shalom Orphanage Centre.

Photons Energy Ltd designed, installed and commissioned a Solar Power System to provide electricity for Shalom Orphanage centre located in Karatu, Arusha Tanzania.

We are glad to see that we provided ...
the quality service to our client and they are satisfied with the solar power system installed in their centre. Seeing that they are now using the renewable energy solution that's eco-friendly to enhance their electricity production to operate their infrastructures is so pleasing to us.

Total Peak Power (Pp): 3,720Wp
Total number of solar modules (NoM): 12s
Solar rated power: 310W.

At Photons Energy Ltd, we do design, install and maintain solar energy systems. Thus, you can reach us today for renewable energy solutions and we will be glad to be working with you.

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