About Us

Leading The Way In Building a Green Planet

We Are Ready For Solar Energy, All We Need Is To Use It Well!

Photons Energy Ltd. is registered specifically to deal with the design, consulting, supply and installation of renewable energy System. In mid 2012, Roman Shayo, Thomas Richard, Daniel Moshi and Vincent Mapunda came up with an idea that would eventually transform their lives and the lives of the communities around.

The co-founders of Photons Energy Ltd (PEL) all have rural background, raised in rural villages, and schooled in public schools in rural villages. In brief we can say that they have profound knowledge of the many challenges faced by communities living in the rural areas.

These problems include the lack of proper health services, lack of adequate transport infrastructure, lack of education facilities and lack of reliable energy. They have all witnessed the long distances that their mothers and sisters had to walk to fetch water and get medical services and have also witnessed the poor quality of education offered as a result of inadequate learning materials and lack of electricity.

Photons Energy Ltd has continued to strive towards becoming a strong and competent company providing high quality services in the field of renewable energy as well as electric backup systems and general services in the energy field.