Solar power is the fastest growing energy market segment!


Homeowners, businesses, and government organizations are realizing the countless benefits of clean solar electricity. But many developers dive headfirst into projects without properly assessing how to extract optimal value from each investment.


Worse still, their clients are often caught off guard by:

The above challenges affect PV projects of all sizes.


So whether you’re a utility-scale project developer or an installer who specializes in the residential market, it pays to bring in trusted advisors who can help you avoid many of the most common mistakes. Doing so is critical to navigating the landscape and maximizing solar returns.

The benefits of hiring experienced Solar Consultants

We can’t speak for all solar consultants – each team uses its own methodologies. But we can outline the process we use and how our approach continues to deliver measurable benefits for our clients around the country.


Below are the 7 core pillars of our unique approach:

Investing in solar is a financial decision. In establishing goals it is essential to determine a project’s worth. We’ll only move forward if the financial payback period makes sense – a process that involves balancing total costs and savings to generate realistic returns on investment.


There are times when we recommend not going solar because the numbers don’t add up. We may lose that customer in the short term, but this transparency helps all stakeholders in the long run – including us.


Even when a project makes sense on paper, we are always upfront about expectations, taking special care to never over-promise or under-deliver.

Our team analyzes historic and projected electricity requirements to design the ideal system for your energy needs. This analysis is very utility-dependent since incentives and rates vary from market to market. These subsidies and utility prices also directly impact savings – an important component of project return on investment (ROI).

We conduct satellite imaging and on-site inspections to determine your project’s solar potential.

  • Solar resource assessment.
  • If required, roof age and integrity.
  • Due diligence, including environmental impact.
  • Permitting requirements.
  • Utility interconnection.

Our consultants then identify those solar components that yield the greatest long-term value. Higher quality parts often cost more, but they also deliver larger dividends over a much longer time frame.


Many firms devote the bulk of their attention to solar panels. And while module selection is important, it represents a tiny piece of the equation. Our detailed analysis encompasses:

  • Inverters (e.g. micro vs. string vs. DCI).
  • Monitoring systems (e.g. Web-based, app-based, or manual).
  • Safety features (e.g. fire preventers and islanding technology).

Because every market is unique, we also conduct a careful survey of each project’s regulatory landscape. Many overlook the importance of permits, inspections, and building codes. But failure to factor in these variables often results in costly delays, and thus, fewer savings.

Our team identifies those financing options that offer the greatest long-term returns. In addition, we help you qualify for all relevant incentives to drive down installation costs. And we also educate you on the tax implications of each financing approach.

Finally, we provide a detailed presentation of our findings, complete with:

  • Technology specifications.
  • Upfront (and long-term) costs.
  • Financing, taxes, and incentives.
  • Savings (monthly, annual, and lifetime).
  • ROIs and payback periods.


These in-depth reports allow you to assess the viability of each project before moving forward. And they also ensure that you deliver the greatest possible returns to your own clients.

Need help with an upcoming Solar PV project?

The above outlines the broad strokes of what we do. But to truly understand the value of these offerings, it’s best to see how this process unfolds in action.

To get started, schedule a free appointment with our Solar Consulting Team today.