Maintenance And Cleaning Of Solar Panels


So if solar panels turns dusty and dirty – what are your options in cleaning?

Option 1: Solar Panels Cleaning Yourself

If you can clean your windows – you can certainly clean your solar panels.

The hard part (especially for roof mounted solar panels is reaching them). Assuming you can reach your solar panels – clean the surface of a solar panel much like you would clean your car — with warm water and dish washing soap to remove any accumulation of dirt and grime.

Option 2: Use a Solar Panels Cleaning Service

Some people like to clean their own cars – and others like to take their cars to be cleaned for them. Same with solar panels – except that the solar panel cleaning company obviously has to come see you.

Depending on where you live, ask your installer to recommend a solar panel cleaning service and find out how often the cleaning is recommended – and what it costs. Be sure they are insured – in case there are accidents.

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