Economical Way Of Pumping Water


Water is one of the most important substances on earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth. 75% of human body is comprised of water and this signifies the importance of water.

75% of earth surface is comprised of water bodies which range from seas, lakes and rivers. Despite this abundant availability of water, there is a big challenge in moving water from one point to another for use by human beings, animals and crops. In villages, it is very common to see children and women walking long distances carrying buckets of water on their heads. In urban areas there are also challenges regarding availability of water, urban residents may be having bore holes but lacking mode of pumping water out of it.

To pump water from bore hole, lake, river or any other source, energy is required. The mechanism used in most rural areas to pump water is either using hand driven pumps or diesel generators. The disadvantage with hand pump is that it is time consuming, tedious and not suitable for deep bore holes. On the other hand using diesel generators is expensive and not environmentally friendly.

Solar technology being the fast improving technology is now capable of proving economical and environmentally friendly means of pumping water from any source. With solar powered pumps one is able to deliver water from the source to required destination with minimum investment.

Solar water pumping system utilizes solar energy which is converted by solar modules to DC electricity which in turns run solar pump. This happens during the day when there is sunshine. In order to have water during the night or when there is little sunshine, it is recommended to have elevated water storage (water tank) such that water can be delivered to outlets through gravity.

Solar water pumping is economical as the cost of solar modules has significantly dropped over the past 10 years and the system does not require the use of battery bank. In addition to being economical, solar water pumping is environmentally friendly as there are not green house gases that can be emitted during its operation.

For more details visit the World Bank page on solar water pumping 

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