Benefits of Solar Water pumps

Available in 12- and 24-volt varieties, a solar water pump is used to power a pump that delivers water for irrigation, livestock, and drinking. Although many industries rely on a pump of this type, it tends to be most useful for community-based or small-scale irrigation since large-scale irrigation involves extremely high volumes of water that need a much larger pump.

Because water is only required during certain times of the year in some situations, this type of system is extremely efficient. A solar water pump can be fitted with different size pumps, although most are 200 to 3,000 watt.

Unique Solution

With a solar water pump, water can be supplied to locations outside the reach of power lines. For instance, this type of pump helps bring water to people in underdeveloped countries such as our country, Tanzania. It also works great for remote areas throughout the Tanzania. Because this type of system can replace other pump systems, the benefits are social, economic, and environmentally based.


A solar water pump system is designed with solar panels that collect energy from the sun. This energy can be stored and used to power the solar water pump, which then powers a surface or bore pump.Usually, the water is pumped from a nearby stream or from beneath the ground where,ultimately, it is stored in a storage tank. Because this provides a gravity feed, stored energy is not required.

Key Benefits

Compared to more traditional systems, a water system that relies on a solar water pump offers many benefits, including the following:


This form of water pumping has become increasingly popular throughout the world. As a widely adopted solar energy technology, the usage has increased dramatically over the past 10 years. Even though a solar water pump is used for smaller operations, the benefits are huge.


The key to success is using a high-quality solar water pump created by a company with years of experience in the business.