Advantages of Solar Energy


This is Solar energy’s greatest advantage. Solar energy can generate electricity as long as there is sun and the sun has no plans of going anywhere. Renewable means  it can not be exhausted or depleted by use , rather  can replenish it self over and over again.

Solar systems require little or no maintenance after it’s initial installation. Some solar panels have a life span of close to 25 years, with the only form of maintenance being to clean the surface of the panels to remove dust particles and the likes.

Regular check up and a maintenance culture is strongly advised.

Solar Energy systems create no sound pollution at all, this compared to conventional energy generation (Generators ) is a big plus to solar.

Solar Energy systems are able to last for a long period of time if properly installed, because it possesses no moving parts, it sustains no damage due to wearing out of it’s parts.

A major motivation for the installation of solar energy systems in residential homes ,is the possibility of total independence from the grid (utility) and not only that but the possibility of also making extra money by selling off excess energy produced from your solar energy system back to the utility company, which is possible in some countries not in all countries yet.

For remote sites, villages  and homes with no access to the grid/utilities Solar energy is a readily available solution. It can easily be set-up to produce electricity.

Due to the emission of green house gasses by fossil fuels and it’s negative effect on the earth(Global warming) .Solar Energy is a much healthy alternative to the earth. Solar energy does not pollute the atmosphere in  anyway.

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