Day: May 19, 2017


Solar power is the fastest growing energy market segment!   Homeowners, businesses, and government organizations are realizing the countless benefits of clean solar electricity. But many developers dive headfirst into projects without properly assessing how to extract optimal value from each investment.   Worse still, their clients are often caught off guard by: Hidden costs, ranging from […]

Our scope of work in solar street lighting includesOur scope of work in solar street lighting includes

Solar Led Street Lights working: Solar Panels. Solar Led Street Lights. Lighting Poles and Fittings. Batteries. Battery Enclosures. Cables and Connectors. Mounting Structures. Project Phases: We also assist in Installations and commissioning of the project. Site Inspection. Project Analysis. System Integration. Project proposal with Simulations Reports. Commercial Approvals. Demo Installation and approvals. Installation and commissioning. […]